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Linux Installation Guide for Older Computers

by elitelaunch

Guide to Windows to Linux migration
Tux with the Linux logo.

In this article, we cover what you need to know to install Linux on old computers.

According to the US’s Digital Analysis Program (DAP), as of October 2020, 3.2% of old computers are still Windows 7 in use. If you are one of these people, if you think your computer will run slow on Windows 10 or you are bored with Windows, you can switch to the Mint operating system with our Linux installation directory.

Linux offers even your 10-year-old computer a chance to experience its second spring. If the troubles caused by the weight of Windows 10 appear on your computer, the Linux universe is waiting for you!

Is it difficult to use Linux?

Modern Linux distributions using it is no longer a difficult task, as many predicted. You can now do most of the work you can do on the terminal on the GUI, the user interface. For example, when you install an application, instead of using the APT package manager, you can manage your packages more easily by using the Synaptic package manager, which we can call the graphical version of the APT package manager.

Will I be able to use the applications I use on Windows in Linux?

Our answer for most applications; yes, you can. Microsoft applications are now also being migrated to the Linux environment, for example Microsoft Edge can run on Linux as of October. Microsoft Teams, one of the indispensable applications of distance education and business life, is one of the Microsoft applications that can run on Linux. Also, the Linux version of Office 365 is on the way.

linux logo

If the exact same applications you use in Windows are not available for Linux (such as Adobe applications), you can choose to use free and open source alternatives. for example Adobe Photoshop instead GIMP, Outlook instead Thunderbird, Office 365 instead of LibreOffice you can choose to use it.

If you haven’t found an open source alternative to the applications you are looking for, you can run Windows applications directly on Linux thanks to the WINE program.

If none of the solutions mentioned above worked for you, you can use Windows with the help of a virtual machine program, and even if that did not work for you, you can use Linux and Windows on the same computer, this method is called “dual boot”.

Which Linux distribution should I choose?

There are hundreds of Linux distributions, so the end user is confused. Especially people who are new to Linux find it difficult to choose a distribution, so they cannot get full efficiency.

Beginner users Ubuntu, Linux Mint It should proceed over such distributions. These distributions are designed for home users looking for an alternative to operating systems such as Windows, and they stand out due to elements such as simplicity and simplicity.

Those who wish instead of Linux Mint “15 Lightest Linux Distributions for Legacy ComputersThey can make a choice from our article named “.

In this article, we Linux Mint We will explain over. Of interface Reminiscent of Windows 7 as well (especially with the Cinnamon desktop) lightness and a distribution that has dominated the hearts of most Linux users.

Download Linux Mint

Linux Mint System Requirements

To use Linux Mint least;

  • 1 GB of RAM (it can be used much more easily with 2 or 4 GB RAM),
  • 15 GB disk space (20 GB recommended disk space),
  • A screen with at least 1024 × 768 resolution,
  • Boot from CD / DVD, USB or Network.

Can we test it on our own hardware before installing it?

Of course. Most of the Linux distributions have the “LiveISO” feature. So you can install Linux Mint on your computer You can test it without installing it.

How to install Linux Mint step by step?

The dry of modern Linux distributionslum operations, It has almost the same structure as Windows installations.

As we are used to from Windows installations, we need to burn our ISO file to USB. For this Rufus or balenaEtcher You can choose tools such as. We assume that you print it out.

When you launch Linux Mint from the media you have printed, you will see a screen with plenty of options.

Guide to Windows to Linux migration
The startup options that Linux Mint offers.

The top option “Start Linux MintYou can start Linux Mint in LiveISO feature by selecting ”option. It may be called LiveISO, but there is also an option for us to install Linux Mint on our computer, don’t assume you downloaded the wrong file.

Afterwards, if you do not encounter any errors, you should be directed directly to Linux Mint’s desktop.

Guide to Windows to Linux migration
Linux Mint Cinnamon’s desktop.

Here you can experience some Linux Mint if you want, or you can directly install Linux Mint on your computer. Let’s continue to install Linux Mint directly on our computer.

Guide to Windows to Linux migration
Linux Mint’s setup screen.

This is our setup screen. It is very plain and simple. After selecting the language you want “Go onYou can continue by pressing the ”button.

Guide to Windows to Linux migration
Linux Mint asks for our keyboard layout.

After selecting your keyboard layout “Go onYou can continue by pressing ”. If you want to test the keyboard layout, there is a little test box at the bottom.

Guide to Windows to Linux migration
Linux Mint sees available Wi-Fi networks.

If Linux Mint finds a Wi-Fi adapter or card on our system, it asks if we want to connect to one of the listed networks. We chose our network and “Go onWe pressed the ”button so that we will be able to download and install updates during the installation, we recommend you too.

Guide to Windows to Linux migration
It may be a good idea to activate the multimedia decoders.

It would be a good idea to enable multimedia decoders. Especially if you watch movies and videos frequently, you will mostly benefit from it.

Guide to Windows to Linux migration
Linux Mint asks us what kind of setup we want to install.

Here, Linux Mint offers us 3 options. These;

  • Installing Linux Mint next to the installed operating system,
  • A Linux Mint installation to wipe the disk from scratch,
  • A setup where you can set your own partitions.

We do not recommend that you do the setup where you can set your own partitions if you do not have experience or if you do not have to because it is a very complicated process.

Guide to Windows to Linux migration
Linux Mint asks us for our location information.

Linux Mint asks us for our location information, and will optimize the locales accordingly. For example, day, month and year names are optimized according to this setting.

After installation

After installing Linux Mint, there may be applications you want to install. Thanks to the Synaptic package manager, you can safely download the applications you want from Ubuntu’s repositories without dealing with the terminal.

Guide to Windows to Linux migration
Synaptic package manager.


The process of migrating from Windows to Linux is not as difficult as most people think. As you can see, it’s as easy as installing macOS or Windows.

If you had a problem during or after the installation At Technopat Social You can open a topic.

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