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What is SSD SMART Data? – Technopat

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In this article, we explain in detail what SMART data is and what it does to help us learn about storage units.

As you know, as in every electronic device, storage units have a certain life and usage range. Developed against sudden breakdowns that many of us suffer from SMART (Self-Monitoring, analysis and Reporting Technology / Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) We can easily learn the life, health and errors of our hard disk or solid state drive (SSD). In this way, we have the opportunity to back up our valuable data when the disks are just before their lifespan.

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Easy reporting of disk health is very important for both system administrators and normal users because knowing when technological devices are out of life enables us to prevent possible losses. In the absence of a built-in reporting technology, it becomes very difficult to monitor the health of these drivers. Data on how long the health of storage drives remains is revealed when certain thresholds on firmware are exceeded in conventional systems.

SMART years before the emergence of solid state drives, he stepped into the technology world with hard drives. reporting system. SMART Unfortunately, the main criterion for the evaluation of the data is not standardized today. So which SMART The reporting structure expresses how much physical change in the driver, its attributes are not clearly defined. Each manufacturer places its own reporting technology on the discs it produces. Therefore, various storage units, SSD or HDDs The way of reporting may differ depending on the manufacturers. But still basically SMART technology helps the recovery of data on the disk by reporting health data to the user.

Generally, third party software is used to access these reports. These may be software provided by the company that produced the driver, or programs written by independent developers. Information obtained through some third party reporting software may also be inaccurate, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph. SMART data evaluation, attributes and thresholds of technology does not have a clear standard. If the firm producing the hardware does not provide the software developer with the information required for accurate reporting, the results may be erroneous. For example, let’s say your disk actually has few errors. If you check this with incompatible software, these error values ​​may appear higher or lower than they should be. For this reason, we recommend that you use the software provided by the manufacturer when checking your storage units.

What Are Errors Reported By SMART?

This article is only theoretically Of SMART Of course, it will not only talk about what happened. Reported values, attributes have various meanings. Often there is a number next to the reported values. This sometimes gives us little information about the lifetime and sometimes the errors. Let’s start by addressing these attributes without further ado.

Samsung 980 PRO SSD

Percentage Lifetime Used: Percent Usage Rate of Life Time

As the name suggests “Percentage Lifetime Used” The value indicates how much a driver has been used within a given time period of its lifecycle. When you buy a new SSD “Percentage Lifetime Used” When it is 0, it will reach 100 at the end of its life or near the end of its life. However, this value is not precise. Even if it exceeds 100, your disk may continue to work for a while. This is just a warning to replace your solid state drive. It should be noted here that third-party software reprograms this data in the opposite way. For example, in CrystalDiskInfo, this value starts at 100% and decreases to 0% as the disk is used. On the other hand, a value of 0% does not mean the disk is dead!

Normally, there is a criterion that determines the lifespan of solid state NAND chips, which is the data retention life, as you can imagine. This specified lifetime refers to the period of time that you can safely store your data and successfully transfer it to other drives when health is low. Usually a new SSD or new NAND Storage units using chips become weak within 2 to 10 years, depending on usage, or can last for another 1-2 years when weak. Electron erosion, which happens to every device that passes through it, is a little more obvious in such solid state devices. Every time data is written and read (reading data does not cause as much wear as writing), the life of these chips is slightly reduced and wear is experienced.

When to Backup Data?

JEDEC (The Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) The so-called union is a formation that sets various standards for semiconductor chips and devices today. Most SSD manufacturers are members of this union and comply with the standards. Accordingly, a solid state drive used in computers for various purposes can withstand 30 degrees at 30 degrees, in a weak and weak state for 1 more year and allows you to recover files. So don’t be alarmed, even if the disk seems to be out of life, you still have time to copy your files comfortably.

All we can draw from here is that “Percentage Lifetime Used” Even if the value is 100, you can still write data and you have the opportunity to transfer your data to another disk. Looking at this SSDs actually much longer running and we can understand that there are storage units that work well. Nevertheless, as with every electronic device, its life will gradually decrease, and eventually new writing and reading operations will not be accepted when drivers lose their ability. It should not be forgotten that a broken From SSD data recovery is unfortunately sometimes too difficult to be considered impossible. We also recommend that our readers back up the data on the disc when the corresponding value is 100. After making backups, you can continue to use your drive until it breaks down.

Various errors occur in the solid state drive during corruption. Usually Of SSD these errors by their firmware using various methods (ECC error correction, maintenance, gradual reduction of data storage capacity) is tried to be removed. NAND Data segments damaged on chips can be replaced with backups in the background while working and continue to work. So that a near the end of its life SSD It works well enough, only speed reduction may occur due to damage to blocks.

Retired NAND Blocks: Deprecated NAND Blocks

SMART technology, which is one of the attributes specified in the status of the disk, which is constantly monitored. “Retired NAND Blocks” The value refers to the removed NAND blocks. Firmware as we mentioned under the previous topic Of SSD Removes broken or worn NAND blocks from circulation so that they do not compromise performance and are still usable. During this process, data is usually Of SSD the safe from other parts is moved to another. These blocks are closed for use because they cannot be deleted.

RAIN Successful Recovery Page Count: Number of Successful RAIN Recoveries

Redundant Array of Independent NAND / Redundant Independent NAND Series so RAIN, we know RAID It is similar to data backup using their structure. These operations are solid state drives i.e. In SSDs regular hard drives RAID it will not be as painful and challenging as the process we do. The processes take place silently inside the drive. RAIN if In SSDs It is a feature deployed to both protect data and extend the life of the drive. Normally RAIN event occurs very rarely, if there is an abnormal increase in this number, the presence of other attributes or errors should be examined, and the disk should be replaced if necessary.


Although it is a positive feature in terms of data security and extending drive life, RAIN Continuous processing can cause a significant decrease in performance and slowdown. Because the back company “Parity” The drive can continue to be used normally while the backup is in progress, but during this process I / O usage is experienced. This value needs to be checked if there are any unusual ongoing performance drops.

Unexpected Power Loss Count: Unexpected Number of Power Loss

Normally during computer shutdown SSDs A call is sent that power will be cut and equipment will be shut down. SSDs When they receive this call, they can safely complete the existing process for a while. When the process is complete, the computer is shut down securely.

Unfortunately, there are situations where the power is suddenly cut off. This can cause problems, especially in regions where power outages are common. Even so SSDs It can compensate for these situations in various ways, but computers will boot slower during the next startup. This value aims to provide information about these interruptions that are generally experienced. By looking at this number, you can start researching how to shut down the computer properly or find out if there is a problem with the power supplies.

Enclosure Temperature: Storage Temperature

This value, found in software offered by various SSD manufacturers, shows the temperature of your drive. SSD temperature for ideal and long-lasting use. 0 to 70 degrees Care should be taken to be between. Whatever most electronic devices to high temperatures when they reach need to be cooled Otherwise, they will be subject to wear due to heat. Therefore SSDs If it is traveling at unsuitable values, you should take various cooling measures. Especially M.2 high temperature values ​​are seen in solid state drives in the form of In SSDs coolers should be used depending on the situation.

Summary and Conclusion

In summary in this article Of SMART We tried to touch on what happened and what it does. If you read the article so far SMART You must know what the values ​​in the results mean.

Despite everything SMART technology SSDs An accurate diagnosis is not a control method. Nevertheless, the information given to the user about the disc is beneficial and also helps to take the necessary measures at the appropriate time. Even so SMART You should make sure that the software you are using to find out the data provides the appropriate values ​​for your drive. The results obtained from an incompatible reporting software may mislead you, therefore SSDs It is useful to provide health control using software offered by their own manufacturers.

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