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What’s New to Windows 10 in 2021?

by elitelaunch
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We are looking at some of the features we can see in the Windows 10 operating system next year.

The Windows 10 20H2 October update was rolled out to all users last month. Work continues for the new 21H1 update, also known as ‘Iron’, and some features have emerged that are expected to be added to the operating system next year.

Microsoft is currently working on features such as a new screen recording tool, custom greyhound type development, and a fast application termination tool. Not all of these features will arrive in the first half of the year with the 21H1 update. However, we can start using all of them in 2021. On the other hand, many different changes can be made other than these.

Screen Recording

The new screen recording tool will be available outside of Game Bar and will use Windows 10’s built-in screenshot APIs. Microsoft is currently planning to roll out a comprehensive recording tool including videos, keystrokes and cursor recording.

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This recording tool will probably allow you to save the recorded recordings as GIF or video files.

Always on top

Microsoft also plans to develop a new feature called “Always On Top” that allows the applications we have determined instantly to be placed on top of all windows.

There is currently no such feature on Windows, and some users may prefer third-party applications. Users will be able to use PowerToys to enable Always-On-Top mode for applications in the future, which will allow the application to hover over other application windows without disappearing.

Quick Termination

There may be another new feature such as “Quick Termination” next year. This feature will allow us to terminate applications, games and background processes with one click. Right now we have to work on the Task Manager for this. Fast Termination, on the other hand, can terminate applications and processes with a keyboard shortcut.

Cursor Locator

With the new update, we can see a new Cursor Finder that will be active whenever we hit a keyboard shortcut.

Pasting Text

When you copy content from a source and paste it into your email or Windows applications like Word, you will find that it usually retains its customized form. So the font size is like bold text.

Some applications allow us to paste text in standard form using the “Ctrl + Shift + V” combination. This practical feature seems to come to all applications in Windows 10.

Font Creation

PowerToys will have another interesting feature called “Font rendering settings”. Here you will be presented with many options for customizing the font.

Color Picker 2

Color Picker is a free tool in PowerToys to determine the exact value of any color on your screen. Color Picker 2 will be compatible with Fluent Design, the interface of Windows 10X, and will also allow you to easily identify colors on your website.

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Design Changes

We talked about Microsoft’s Sun Valley project before. As part of this project, we can see significant changes in the Windows 10 user interface. Next year we expect to see visual improvements on the Start Menu, Action Center, Taskbar, File Explorer, and more.

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