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How to Open AMD Smart Access Memory? Re-Size BAR Video Guide

by elitelaunch

How to Open AMD Smart Access Memory? Re-Size BAR Guide

With AMD Smart Access Memory, or Re-Size BAR, it is possible to increase the performance of your graphics card by 3 percent or 14 percent. So how do you open it? What is required to use it? Where did this technology come from? Will it be only on AMD? We answer all of them quickly in our technical guide …

AMD Smart Access Memory increases the performance of the graphics card when you open it. Because this setting allows the processor to access the graphics card memory fully, instead of accessing it in 256 MB pieces.

In fact, when an existing software technology, which has been forgotten in systems for years, AMD introduced it as unique and said it could only be used on Ryzen 5000, Radeon 6000 and B550 – X570 motherboards, things got confused.

Intel and NVIDIA also said that this technology is not exclusive to AMD and can be turned on in all modern systems and even started the necessary adjustments. In a nutshell, AMD did a useful job of remembering and recalling a technology, but it was criticized for its honesty by advertising it as its own and announcing that it can only power on the most expensive AMD components. However, it was AMD who brought the technology to the agenda.

Aside from this part of the job, it’s helpful for you to turn this setting on on a system that uses an existing, up-to-date AMD processor, motherboard, and graphics card, so we prepared the guide. In the future, when these requirements are removed and the technology is opened, we will prepare new guides, Intel updates started to come while preparing this video.

We have already written the CPU, GPU and motherboard requirements. We AMD Ryzen 5950X processor, ASUS ROG Crosshair 8 Dark Hero X570 motherboard and AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT graphics card We have implemented these steps step by step and successfully opened the setting.

If it’s okay for you to update the BIOS version of the motherboard, change the settings from the BIOS screen, use the current and UEFI-installed Windows version, you can too.

We check the BIOS version, there should be a release note of AGESA 1.1.0 and above in the details. We’re turning off CSM Legacy Mode, so we’re running it only in UEFI mode. We make the Above 4G Decoding setting Enabled under PCI Subsystem Settings. When we open it, the RE-Size BAR setting comes, and we set it to Auto and save our settings. Now we can save and exit, test the games and see the difference.

  • 00:00 – AMD Smart Access Memory: Re-Size BAR
  • 00:30 – How much does the performance increase?
  • 00:42 – What is required for AMD Smart Access Memory?
  • 01:00 – Coming to Intel too.
  • 01:10 – What is AGESA?
  • 01:20 – Other settings and requirements.
  • 01:39 – What’s in the test system?
  • 02:00 – How to check AGESA?
  • 02:15 – How to set UEFI-only mode use?
  • 02:33 – Other important settings and step by step activation.
  • 03:04 – We are hungry, we save and exit.
  • 03:20 – Final check.

You can check the settings in the video where you are stuck, and if there is a different situation on your system, you can open the topic on Technopat Social and ask.

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