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5 New Features in WordPress 5.6

by elitelaunch

WordPress 5.5 Automatic Update

WordPress 5.6 came out with application passwords, many editor updates, and auto-update features.

WordPress 5.6 version was released recently. This version came with a new default theme called Twenty Twenty-One, app passwords, lots of editor updates and auto-update features, as well as a lot of cool features. Here is an overview of some of the best new features in WordPress 5.6.

Test your site for WordPress 5.6

As always, a major new update means lots of fixes, enhancements and changes. Most of the time, everything works fine, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful. There is a change in WordPress 5.6 that could break some plugins or themes. WordPress is migrating from an old jQuery JavaScript library to a modern one. Some themes and plugins may not be compatible with this, and this may cause items to break. For this reason, it’s a good idea to test the version in your staging environment before rolling it out on your site.

New Default Theme: Twenty Twenty One

New default theme: Twenty Twenty One is one of the biggest new features in WordPress 5.6. It looks great, it’s lightning-fast, accessible and SEO friendly. One of the great features is that you can quickly create a complex layout thanks to the block patterns. These block patterns were introduced in WordPress 5.5 and this new theme makes good use of them. The theme comes with several patterns, but you can also make your own patterns to suit your needs. The Twenty Twenty One theme was designed by Mel Choyce-Dwan and created by a development team of several Yoasters led by Carolina Nymark.

Automatic Updates

Keeping your site and plugins up-to-date is a challenge, but keeping your site safe and secure an important business. This is one of the reasons why the WordPress team has worked so hard to make this process a little easier by providing automatic updates. Fortunately, WordPress can already automatically update minor versions, but now with 5.6 it can automatically update to major versions as well. This is a choice, so if you want to use it you have to enable it yourself in the WordPress Updates screen. Remember, there are pros and cons of automatic updates of major versions, so think before enabling.

Application Passwords

Application passwords offer a new way to access specific parts of your site. You cannot use them to log into your account, but you can use them to help external sources access your site without having to provide your password. You can easily generate access keys and share them with your users. Keys are easy to understand and come in a familiar form: abcd EFGH 1234 ijkl MNOP 6789. Revoking access is just as easy. Just hit the cancel button. Check out this feature as many plugins and platforms will adopt it.

Application Passwords make it easier to manage external authentication.

Gutenberg Update

We’re big fans of the new block editor, but we know there are still plenty of protestors. Thankfully, the Gutenberg team continues to work and they’ve had a great update after a great release. In WordPress 5.6, you will find the results of at least seven releases, not one or two Gutenberg updates. Amongst other things, video positioning in cover blocks, improvements to block patterns, better drag and drop of blocks, improved keyboard navigation, etc. You will find advanced support for. It also comes with many performance and accessibility improvements.

Beta Support for PHP 8

PHP 8 has just been released and is very important for developers. PHP 8 is the latest version of the programming language for which WordPress was written and it brings a lot of great things to help developers use modern code applications and features. WordPress CMS with PHP 8 as of version 5.6 beta compatible is considered as. Still, there is a lot of work to be done before making WordPress fully compatible with PHP 8 and using all the new features the developers have brought.

Ready for WordPress 5.6?

There is a lot to discover in WordPress 5.6. It’s a great all-round update, and the highlights here are just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to dive deeper into the great things you can find in this new update, it’s worth reading the WordPress 5.6 Domain Guide. Take action after reading it and test the version in your trial environment. When you complete your test, update it like we did on Technopat.net!

Share the feature that excites you the most in this version with us in the comments.

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