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How to Set Up a VPN on Windows 10?

by elitelaunch
Windows 10 VPN kurulum rehberi

Windows 10 VPN setup guide

In this article, we tell you how you can set up VPN on your Windows 10 computers.

VPN (Virtual Private Network in Turkish); It is an internet technology that enables connection to different networks through remote access. This technology connects to a virtual network on the server configured for this purpose and allows data exchange over the network.

Well, after this definition, if we are to move on to how to operate; first you need to choose the VPN service you will use. We’ll take action from the VPNBook website in our article. When you enter the relevant site, you will be given server, user name and password information. Through these, we will ensure our connection within Windows itself. However, users can also provide VPN connection via web browsers or directly through third party software.

We come to the start menu by pressing the Windows key. After open, we write “VPN”. As you can see below, you will see VPN settings. We switch to the relevant tab by pressing the Enter key. If you cannot find it that way, you can access the same window as Settings → Network and internet → VPN respectively.

Windows 10 VPN setup settings

Windows 10 VPN setup guide
Windows 10 VPN setup guide

In the window that will appear after opening Add VPN connection You will see a text like. We can start the process by clicking this article.

Windows 10 VPN setup guide

After clicking it, there will be lines where we will enter information for us to install.

In the VPN provider section, it is enough to automatically select Windows (built-in). In the link name section, you can assign any name you want. For the server name or address, you need to enter the URL of your preferred service. Here you need to use PPTP as the server, so you need to get the relevant information from the site of your preferred service.

As you can see, our link is listed after completing our information entries. Now click once on it to test the connection connect just say.

Our connection has been completed successfully. Disconnect You can close your connection by saying, then come back to the same window and bcry You can activate the VPN connection by saying. With this process, we showed how to use VPN over Windows 10 without any third party software.

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