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Checkra1n Jailbreak Setup and Tips on iOS Devices

by elitelaunch

In this article, we look at how to set up checkra1n for jailbreaking various Apple devices using iOS and what needs attention.

iOS of the devices or another way to pronounce it Apple ecosystem It is a known fact that it has a more closed structure compared to other operating systems and ecosystems. While this is the case with most mobile devices, it does iOS It is thought that there are even more restrictions when it comes to devices.

On the one hand, who want to use their device fully in return for the money they pay. iPhone or “IDevice” While there are users, on the other hand, there are companies that are restricted due to various security or other reasons. Jailbreak However, here is a technique that emerged as a result of this conflict. Literally means “escape from prison or break bars, break chains” Jailbreak, basically iOS A process that enables its users to use their devices with full authority. Apple Although it is an unofficial transaction that is not supported by the US and most countries legal to apply to devices.

Jailbreak process Android on the side of “Root” the transition to the user or the common expression “Root” throwing iOS ecosystem you can think of it like the case for. Android On the side of the store, external application installation can make various customizations more easily, Apple These operations are much more limited in mobile devices. For these reasons JailBreak while providing freedom to the user in various areas, Apple It can void devices as it is not officially supported by the community and developed independently by the community.

In this article iOS on devices Jailbreak used to make the transaction “Checkra1n” We will talk about the installation of the software and the things that need attention. From companies specialized in forensic informatics Elcomsoft Let’s start to explain what you should do by using the narration.

Why is checkra1n used?

First of all, we should mention that it is up to you to jailbreak a device or not. If you have decided to dispose of a device, you usually have a few evaluation options. Perhaps the most logical and instructive of these options is removing restrictions by jailbreaking the device. However, we would like to point out again that this process will take your device out of warranty and has various risks. Therefore we are not responsible for any problems you may have. This is a guide and you are free to apply or not.

If you decide to jailbreak, you have the option to remove the restrictions using multiple methods, similar to the decision you made at the time of the initial disposal. If we count a few of them; unc0ver, Odyssey or the technical one our article will tell checkra1n may be. Checkra1n The main reason why the method or software stands out more than others is that it also supports many current versions of iOS, which are not available in most jailbreak methods.

Also in the field of forensic informatics checkra1nfrom the suspect’s locked device BFU (Before First / Unlock – Before First Unlock) The only jailbreak that allows it to be exploited using an unknown password. Apart from that, there is another important reason. Checkra1n jailbreaking IPA there is no need to sign the file.

Compatibility and CLI Mode

checkr1n jailbreakCompatible with Apple TV (Apple TV HD) and Apple TV 4K devices, from iPhone 5S to iPhone X, as well as many iPad models. Since it is constantly updated software, we recommend you to check which iOS versions it supports.

Checkra1n jailbreak not officially supported by developers iOS If you want to apply in version “Allow untested versions / Allow untested versions” You need to check the option. Elcomsoft According to the tests conducted by, checkra1n seems to work on iOS 13.5.1 and 13.6 beta 4. For versions 12.3 and below, don’t even bother trying.

In addition Elcomsoft suggested by checkra1n jailbreak way of doing CLI over GUI use of. It is said that you can do this more reliably this way. Also, the device in USB restricted mode BFU This is the only way forward if you have access to it.



If you have Windows and macOS install checkra1n macOS We recommend doing it with computers. if macOS If you don’t have the computer, there is also a version for Linux. If you only have a Windows computer Ra1nUSB / Bootrain or ra1nstorm With the help of the bootable, you can start by inserting the flash memory and booting.

also Raspberry Pi Although it has support, developers use the exploitin Raspberry Pi Zero and On Raspberry Pi 3 he thinks it will not work properly.

Our recommendation is both to save time and to tie the work to the “solid stake”. Mac computers your use. Not tested in Big Sur but It works great in Catalina That being said.

Cables and Connection

Definitely a good Lightning to USB (Type-A) Take care to use cables. USB-C if the point is possible do not use. You may be wondering why it should not be used. The developers themselves have an explanation for this.

“Unfortunately, Lightning to USB-C cables cannot be used to enter DFU mode and cause problems. There is nothing that can be done about it, and that includes USB-C cables from Apple and third-party cable manufacturers. If the cable does not work, we recommend you to use a USB-A cable with the help of a USB-A to C adapter, if necessary. “

Technically, they explain this issue as follows:

“BootROM will switch to DFU only if it detects USB voltage. This goes all the way to ensuring that certain pins on the Tristar chip are controlled. Since the Tristar chips do this based on the ID of the cable used, we think that USB-A and USB-C cables have different IDs. One of the USB-C cables causes the Tristar chip to fail to display the USB voltage pin. “

In addition, do not use any USB multiplexer Hub. Use only USB-C to USB-A adapter if necessary.

Other Tips for Checkra1n

Checkra1n One of the things that significantly affects the success rate of jailbreak with it may sound quite simple and funny, but battery Level. Your device “Low power mode / saving” make sure he’s not in mode above 20 percent charge absolutely.

In addition checkra1n There is another important issue announced by its developers.

“If you are trying to jailbreak multiple devices, only your first attempt will be successful, the others may not. Checkra1n needs to be restarted after every jailbreak attempt to fix this problem. “

Actually just checkra1n not, sometimes completely Match It may also be necessary to restart the computer. Apparently USB driver or any component in the computer is causing problems with checkra1n and restarting it solves it. After rebooting, reconnecting your device without forgetting To DFU mode Don’t forget to enter. If you cannot jailbreak on currently supported versions, checkra1n You can notify the developers of the situation and try to contact.

iPhone bootROM

Support for Future Releases

For this, the developers regularly post comments on their website, and the explanations on how far they have come are all available. You can follow the developers’ own websites and follow the trusted jailbreak communities for it.

Briefly in this article Checkra1n with jailbreak what you need to pay attention to while doing and known for its expertise in such matters Elcomsoft We tried to convey your suggestions to you. For your questions To Technopat Social You can open a topic, if you want to add, you can specify as a comment.

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