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Recover Data from External Drive – Technopat

by elitelaunch

Samsung’s Story Station was unresponsive when we plugged it into the computer. Step by step we are recovering all the data on the disk.

We have previously recovered data from hard disk and portable SSD with you. Today, we will recover data from a damaged external drive that is a guest in our office. First of all, let’s talk about the structure of external disks in general and why they break down more easily.

Internal Structure of USB Disks

Most external disks actually contain a SATA hard disk (HDD). Manufacturers place a chip and circuit board (PCB) in the box that converts the SATA interface to USB so that the drive can be connected via USB. In this way, commands from the USB port are translated in a way that the SATA disk can understand.

Of course, energy comes into play here. Although 2.5 ″ external drives do not have an extreme power requirement, the same is not true for 3.5 ″ drives. For these drives, manufacturers usually provide an adapter on the side of the box. If you do not connect the adapter to the socket, you cannot operate your disc only with the energy coming from the USB port. We see that even with 2.5 ″ drives, manufacturers sometimes have to use dual USB connections.

Source of Fault

External drives usually fail for two reasons. The first of these is the breakdown of the SATA-USB converter circuit used. This deterioration may be the result of excessive current flowing into the USB port of the PC attached, or from the poor quality of the controller.

The second reason is physical damage to the disk. In this case, it is generally not possible to recover data. At least you cannot recover it yourself, you may need support from a data recovery center.

Connect External Disk to PC: Data Recovery

In our case, the hard drive inside the Samsung Story Station external drive was working fine. It was the circuit board that turned the SATA interface to USB, exactly as we expected. In this case, we performed the following operations to recover the data step by step:

  • We dismantled the external disk box.
  • We removed the disk and circuit board from the box.
  • We connected the hard disk to a desktop computer by connecting SATA and SATA power.
  • We ran the desktop computer and we could now access the data on the disk under Computer.

Yes, we recovered data on our external disk easily in this way. Things may not be that easy for you. In such cases, if your data is valuable, you can get a price from a data recovery company. If you have questions, do not hesitate to open and ask a topic on Technopat Sosyal.

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