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Switch to Signal, Not Telegram If You Quit WhatsApp

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Why choose Signal over Telegram?

In this article, we explain why you should choose Signal, not Telegram, over WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s policy change move

To allow WhatsApp to share user data with Facebook by updating the privacy policy Together (Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014), users began to choose Telegram and Signal platforms one by one.

Although this update does not affect Europe and UK users, Turkey has also been involved The USA, Australia and Asian countries have been affected by this new policy change. If users in these countries do not accept the new agreement by May 15, they will be able to access WhatsApp. they will lose.

Increased interest in alternatives

Telegramwhile these processes are going on, only 72 full in hour 25 million people reported that it joined their own services and increased the total number of active users to half a billion.

Signal also got its share from this wave and attracted great attention. Elon Musk’s throw, after that Edward Snowden retweetedUse SignalFollowing his ”(Use Signal) tweet, the app witnessed a huge increase in newcomers. As a result, it became the number one application downloaded on iOS.

After Snowden, “I use Signal every day and I’m not dead yet!” he went further.

Signal or Telegram?

To evaluate the privacy and security aspects of Signal and Telegram, we covered various technical aspects of these secure messaging apps.

Signal Telegram
Platforms Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux
Safe as standard? Yeah No
Transfer protocols HTTPS / SIP over WebSockets HTTPS / SIP over WebSockets
The encryption method used Signal protocol (X3DH + Double ratchet + AES-256) MTProto 2.0 (AES-256, AES IGE IV 256)
Key Exchange and Encryption policies Pre-keys + Curve25519, HMAC-SHA256 Persistent shared key generated via DH, KDF, Double SHA-256

As you can see, both platforms are in many ways, in the largest variety of encryption, key exchange and cryptographic principles they use. match each other. These platforms are for encryption and key Hashes, some of the most secure encryption algorithms available today. RSA and AES uses its variations.

But Signal’s biggest reason to beat Telegram is because Telegram is not secure by default.

This actually means that Telegram as a product lacks any security measures. not coming but for security you need to customize the application.

This feature, which doesn’t come actively, is interestingly what WhatsApp uses by default and is important. end-to-end encryption. In end-to-end encryption, messages only sender and recipient can view. Messages between sender and receiver without end-to-end encryption becoming readable.

Move to Signal, Not Telegram

This means, if the user as it is installed, without customizing its settings if using; He has more protection in WhatsApp than in Telegram. This is a serious situationbecause a study made people roughly 5% of them have changed their settings in a particular application, other 95% keep default settings had shown.

While we may not know how well these rates are for Telegram, we must remember that most people are not as interested in privacy and security as the self-conscious ones. Telegram is currently at least 500 million active users there is and Secret Chat The end-to-end encrypted message feature, called the so called, is probably not used by most of its users.

Signal and Telegram vulnerability history

Of course, there are many main reasons people will abandon WhatsApp for more secure messaging apps. One of these reasons is that WhatsApp is from Signal or Telegram. have many more critical vulnerabilities.

For example, attackers can only call a target user’s phone via WhatsApp. Can install Israeli spyware there were even times.

While Signal wasn’t that bad, it had problems in itself. The platform is one of a kind around you searching for ghosts and then mute without making a call, can listen to your surroundings He was the victim of a highly complex attack. In this way, they could listen to your conversations without being seen and listen to your surroundings.

Telegram, on the other hand, had a vulnerability where attackers could alter audio and video files sent on its platform.

And depending on where you are in the world government infiltration into your apps and we’re not even talking about the problems these can create. In Hong Kong, the Chinese government by leak users’ phone numbers a for Taking advantage of the Telegram error had been reported. German researchers also discovered that WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram disclosed users’ personal data through person discovery.


To summarize briefly, we can list the prominent topics as follows:

  • Both Signal and Telegram, alternatives to WhatsApp, Has various vulnerabilities,
  • Your end-to-end encryption security vulnerabilities, if any can reduce,
  • There is equality in other criteria, as most people will likely continue to use apps while keeping the default settings. Therefore most people will have better security with Signal.

There is also an option if you are an active user of Telegram: Using confidential messages.

For this setting, simply open the profile of the user you want to contact on iOS. button and then Gizli Sohbete Başla Tap. For Android, tap the pencil icon at the bottom right and then Gizli sohbet You must select the option. Finally this Let us point out that you should do the procedure before each meeting.

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