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We take a closer look at Dolby Vision technology, the new generation HDR standard.

We have witnessed unimaginable technological developments in the last 10 years. The cinema and broadcast industry has also developed a lot along with other sectors. We watch movies with the resolution and clarity we saw as a dream 10 years ago, and we can easily access the series from wherever we want. Dolby Vision, which we will discuss in this article, is one of the technologies aimed at improving the quality of the content on the screen.

So What is Dolby Vision?

When you buy a new TV or player, we see many logos on both the boxes and the product. Dolby Vision is now among these logos. Many 4K Ultra HD This logo on the device, Dolby Surround and a new tool created by the team that developed other Dolby technologies. HDR (High Dynamic Range) It represents the 4K video format. Unlike normal HDR, higher color saturation can be achieved thanks to Dolby Vision.

In order for device manufacturers to use the Dolby Vision logo on a Blu-Ray player or television, they must meet certain conditions and pay to have their products approved and licensed. Dolby HDR is also used in video production. In this respect, we can say that it is one of the solutions for both consumers and professionals.

Rapidly HDR If we remember the technology; A technology that increases the color gamut and the lowest and highest brightness value, that is, the dynamic range, in television and display devices. Prior to HDR, sets were limited to the old video standard for HDTV, called Rec 709. Rec 709, It faced a number of technical limitations throughout the years, including the 90s.

Nowadays OLED and other LCD or LED televisions can display much more colors than before, but we can say that HDR technology makes the image more striking. Because until HDR was developed, it was not possible for these televisions to display their full potential in terms of color.

Difference Between HDR10 and Dolby Vision Technologies

HDR10 is accepted as the open HDR standard for today’s televisions and displays. In other words, all HDR or Premium Ultra HD televisions must be able to process the HDR10 standard. In this way, it is ensured that HDR televisions can display the HDR format properly.

HDR also underlies some instructions and information exchange. With the help of some metadata contained in HDR images, the screen or disc player learns how to adjust the brightness levels of the colors and match the colors and processes accordingly. These instructions, which are generally prepared in accordance with the program, remain fixed. Same way HDR10 The standard also clearly specifies how films will be compressed and encoded.

Dolby Vision The difference between HDR10 and HDR10 is obvious in terms of compatibility. Dolby Vision contains much more specific “instructions” compared to the conventional HDR10. The specification prepared and presented by Dolby for this technology includes information on what needs to be done to ensure this compliance, how to make the television broadcast and how the television will process Dolby Vision HDR content. In this regard, Dolby Vision needs much more information than the HDR10 standard in terms of televisions.

Dolby Vision on the right and standard dynamic range image on the left.

HDR10 or Dolby Vision?

If we examine these two HDR standards in detail, Dolby Vision We see that it clearly offers a more dynamic and much more vibrant image. Televisions with Dolby Vision support in this respect From HDR10 It is much superior in terms of image, but not all Dolby Vision supported televisions are produced in the same way.

Dolby Vision tells the TV when to increase a certain color or contrast by providing instructions or metadata that can vary from scene to scene. What’s more, Dolby’s maximum specification for consumer TVs can go up to 68 billion colors with 12-bit color depth (compared to the old Rec. 709 8-bit color depth, which only handles 16.7 million possible colors). On the brightness side, Dolby Vision allows levels of up to 4,000 Nits or more.

Comparing Dolby Vision to HDR10, HDR10 fixed metadata It cannot be said that it offers much flexibility to TVs when it comes to processing images in certain scenes. HDR10 also stipulates 10-bit color depth for up to 1.07 billion possible colors. In terms of brightness, HDR10 screens are aimed at an average of 1,000 nits or more.

But we must say that nowadays no consumer television it does not yet have 12-bit color depth. For this reason, Dolby Vision’s superiority in color depth will become obvious when 12-bit televisions are launched in the future. In addition, some screens may be compatible with both Dolby and HDR10 in terms of brightness, for example, while it is not possible to exceed a certain brightness level in LCDs. OLED It can be said to be compatible with both Dolby Vision and HDR10 if the displays support it because they have better contrast in less light.

In summary, although Dolby Vision is superior to HDR10 in technical comparison, the most important factor in terms of image quality is the quality of the screen and the television itself.

A comparison showing the color gamuts. The proposed Dolby Vision, but today’s consumer TVs do not yet support 12-bit color.

Which Television and Blu-Ray Players Are Dolby Vision Compatible?

We can say that Dolby Vision is rapidly becoming the HDR standard for 4K televisions. Many major television manufacturers, from TCL and LG, offer Dolby Vision certified products. This technology Sony Bravia OLED XBR-65A1E and LG E7 OLEDhold from TCL Roku TV 55P607 and Hisense 43H6D It can also be found in relatively more suitable models such as.

If we list a few known Dolby Vision supported televisions:

  • LG E7 OLED (OLED65E7P)
  • Sony Bravia OLED XBR-65A1E
  • LG B7 OLED (OLED55B7P)
  • TCL Roku TV 55P607
  • Vizio SmartCast M- Series M65-E0
  • Hisense 43H6D

On the list Samsung’s It may have caught your attention, this is because Samsung’s own competitor HDR technology HDR10 + use. Compared to Dolby Vision, this technology is also preferred due to its lack of license fees and its comfortable structure that offers more freedom.

Sony has recently started offering this technology to some televisions (Z9D, A1E, X930E, X940E series) with the help of a software update. If you have a 4K Sony TV, you can contact customer service or check their support page to see if this support is available for your TV.

If we come to Blu-Ray players, it is the same LGThere are compatible Ultra HD Blu-Ray player devices available from Sony and many other manufacturers.

Does Dolby Vision Technology Make a Difference in Image Quality?

Of course, you might not be able to see billions of colors in ordinary dynamic range (SDR) images. Also, you cannot notice the delicate transitions between colors in standard images. In general, instead of the soft colors that HDR can offer banding You will see a series of lines and stripes called

With HDR images (Dolby Vision is an HDR standard), you get richer colors and a more realistic image. For example, imagine watching a movie set in the forest, you can feel every shade of green better with HDR. Or in programs with high contrast objects with neon colors, the image looks more obviously high quality.

Is HDR10 + Really a Dolby Vision Rival?

Yes, HDR10 + is not only an HDR standard but also a technology supported by Samsung and Amazon. This technology, which was introduced to the market in order to eliminate the shortcomings of HDR10, is also fixed metadata instead dynamic metadata Allows transmission. Thus, colors and brightness can be processed much better and smoothly in different scenes.

Where to Get Dolby Vision Supported Movies

There are many Ultra HD Blu-Ray broadcasts in Dolby Vision format, but in general, we cannot say that physical discs are preferred today. Therefore, to get Dolby Vision supported movies, you need to use more VoD We recommend you to browse the streaming services. These include Netflix, Apple TV +, Amazon Prime, and Disney +. You can also find other Dolby supported products and services on Dolby’s website.

If there is anything you want to add, you can comment, for your questions and suggestions At Technopat Social You can open a topic.

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